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My son was diagnosed with Alopecia in 2011. After doing all sorts of online research on my son's disease, Alopecia, this website/organization was my true lifesaver!

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NAAF is built on volunteers, devoted to helping those who suffer from Alopecia, and to help their loved ones cope with it as well. They support research to find a cure or acceptable treatment, support those with the disease, and they educate the public about Alopecia Areata.

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If you are just diagnosed, it can be very overwhelming taking it in. Under this page, you are able to learn what Alopecia Areata is, getting treatment, finding others with Alopecia Areata, request an information pack, and a list of medical professionals.

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Under the "Our Stories & Photos", you are able to see a photo album from past annual conferences that NAAF holds for people all over the world, links directed at just women, just men, and just children for support, and a way to share your personal story.

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Under this tab,Support and Resources, they have all sorts of ways to stay connected with others who have Alopecia so you are never truly alone to deal with all that comes from having Alopecia. Although over 6.5 million people have it alone in the United States, for my son, he was the only one in our area so NAAF was a great source of support for him. They have message boards, support groups, pen pal program, and a quarterly newsletter (just to name a few) to help people get the support they feel most comfortable with.Email me if you want to know more!

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Under the tab,Get Involved, it shows you can get involved and support NAAF and their efforts to raise awareness and help support those with Alopecia. We did a "Free To Be Me" Talent Show to raise funds for NAAF which helped pay for 5 adults and 3 children to attend a NAAF Conference!

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