All About Me

Another part of my COS 381 Assignment...This is where I have to give a little introduction about myself.

Well, for some reason or another you've sucessfully navigated yourself to my web page and my link, all about little ole me. You must be pretty bored if you've decided you need to view this. I was tempted to write Hi Ho, Kermit the Frog here, and put up an image of him. Anyway, My name is David Southern and I'm 47 years old, currently a junior at UMFK (University of Maine at Fort Kent) - One of those so called non traditional students that you see so much of nowadays. Anyway, I'm majoring in Computer Applications. with my major interest being Programming. So now you're probably asking yourself...Why in the world did he go back to school at his age? Well, like all great mysteries, there's a story behind it. Consider this my Autobiography on life approaching 50. So here goes..... This past year, the little lady and myself watched our youngest boy graduate from high school, and begin life as a college freshman...our other two kids are also at University, the oldest is going for her masters degree, and our other boy, is a sophmore. Needless to say, the big ole house gets kinda lonely, and quiet when all your kids are gone (Empty Nest Syndrome). One night the little lady, asked if maybe now was the time for us to finish our degree's up, since neither one of us had graduated from University. Without, even thinking about it I told her that sounded great, and thought that would be the end of our discussion on such a thing, and that discussion wouldn't come up again. Boy, was I wrong! Within a month period, not only did I find myself signed up for courses, but we also own a home in Fort Kent.