Lists with Style Sheets

All of the examples in this chapter (unless otherwise noted) can be found in the lists folder.

Creating Ordered and Unordered Lists (p. 204)orderedlists.html
Choosing Your Markers (Bullets) (p. 206)markers.html with markers.css
Choosing Where to Start List Numbering (p. 207)start_value.html
Using Custom Markers (p. 208)custommarkers.html with custommarkers.css
Controlling Where Markers Hang (p. 209)position.html with position.css
Setting All List-Style Properties at Once (p. 210)liststyle.html with liststyle.css
Creating Definition Lists (p. 211)definitionlists.html with definitionlists.css
Styling Nested Lists (p. 212)nested.html with nested.css