Tables with Style Sheets

14: Tables

All of the examples in this chapter (unless otherwise noted) can be found in the tables folder.

Tables (p. 215)rowspan.html with colspan.css
Creating a Simple Table (p. 217)simple.html with simple.css
Adding a Border (p. 218)border_html.html with simple.css
border_css.html with border.css
border_css_nohtml.html with border.css
border_none_css.html with border_none.css
Setting the Width (p. 220)width.html with width.css
width_toosmall.html with width_toosmall.css
width_bigger.html with width_bigger.css
Centering a Table on the Page (p. 222)center_css.html with center.css
center_css_nohtml.html with center.css
center_html.html with width.css
Wrapping Text around a Table (p. 223)wrap.html with wrap.css
float.html with float.css
Combining Tables (p. 224)nest.html with nest.css
multiple.html with nest.css
Aligning a Cell’s Contents (p. 226)valign.html with nest.css
align_css_nohtml.html with align.css
Changing the Background (p. 228)bgcolor_html.html with bgcolor_html.css
background_css_nohtml.html with background.css
Controlling the Space (p. 230)space_html.html with background.css
space_nbsp.html with background.css
space_css.html with space.css
space_css_nohtml.html with space.css
Spanning a Cell across Columns (p. 232)colspan.html with colspan.css
Spanning a Cell across Rows (p. 233)rowspan.html with colspan.css
Dividing Your Table into Column Groups (p. 234)colgroup.html with colgroup.css
col.html with col.css
Dividing the Table into Horizontal Sections (p. 236)tbody.html with tbody.css
Choosing Which Borders to Display (p. 237)frame.html with frame.css
rules_cols.html with frame.css
rules_cols_vsides.html with frame.css
rules_groups.html with frame.css
Controlling Line Breaks in a Cell (p. 239)nowrap_bef.html with frame.css
nowrap.html with frame.css
Speeding up Table Display (p. 240)tabledisplay.html with tabledisplay.css