Using Visio 2003 to create ER Diagrams

Setting up Visio to do Crow’s Foot Notation

1)      Select database Model Diagram (US Units)


3)      From File Menu select  Database>>Options>>Document

Creating the diagram

1)      Create the entities

a.       Drag the entity icon to the drawing

b.      Use Database properties to add information for the entity

                                                              i.      Name

                                                            ii.      Attributes

                                                          iii.      Identifier (PK)

2)      Add relationships

a.       Drag relationship ICON to Parent entity (entity border turns red) and then drag to Child Entity

b.      Edit Database properties for the relationship

                                                              i.      ID-dependant?

                                                            ii.      Relationship Type

                                                          iii.      Cardinalities

Example Visios



Weak Non ID-Dependant

Sub Types

Note: Visio does not allow exclusive or inclusive subtypes but does allow complete versus incomplete subtypes. For the purposes of this class use complete to diagram  exclusive subtypes and incomplete for inclusive

Many to many  

Version1 using 2 relationships

Version 2 using Dynamic connector and Line formatting